Sperm-Drinking Slut Sucks N’ Swallows The Shlong Juice

1349566868 Sperm Drinking Slut Sucks N Swallows The Shlong Juice

Mya really likes to swallow hot cum anytime. You should watch as this blonde hottie work all that meat in her delectable mouth, then get that cock spilling out sperm onto her lips which quite tasted like spicy vanilla. If it’s through the stomach to get to a man’s heart, why then, has this man fallen into this bitch’s filthy cocksucking act?

In this episode, Juicee astounded her man when she took some meat-slurping followed by some sperm tasting on his pent-up rod. She swallowed all the nut-juice out of him after an excellent facefuck, gargling it first before ingesting his cummy soup deepthroat. Talk about a giant load of protein this bint’s getting! Check out this video as he unloaded a nice sized sperm into Juicee’s mouth, which she happily drinked down to the last drop.

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Awesome Mouth Sucks Cock And Drinks Spicy Sperm Sauce!

Now here’s one hot girl who loves stroking great big cocks and drinking lots of sperm. Penelope is a sexy young sexpot who isn’t shy of the camera. And in this super hawt and sizzling episode,  she shows to us how sexy and hot she can be with what she is able to do with her skillful hands and amazing mouth. She started the fire in me with a good slow tease, giving sensual strokes on and around my cock with her naughty, playful fingers. Then when my cock was already thick and throbbing, she changed the strokes into fast hard pumps until I couldn’t hold my load anymore, making me cum in one of the best orgasms I have ever had. Of course where did all that sperm load go after that hot blowjob? Straight into her awesome mouth!

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Mandy Gives Head And Drinks All The Spermload!

Mandy was an easy piece of candy. She’s 18, she’s got great boobs, great skin, great attitude and a great mouth for drinking sperm. If this piece of sweet ass was applying for blow job auditions, she would have gotten five stars from these lucky perves, because she’s kept their cocksticks throbbing ever since she laid hold of their boners! This only shows that nobody can suck better than the professional whores. And good thing Mandy to us was no stranger in the adult film industry. They’ve already blown some of their load on her ample breasts too, though she’s sucking all that hard sticks giddy as if she wants a whole lot more. She’ll end up gagging for more of those cummy splattered sperm in her throat at this rate…

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